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Kerala premier league – 2012

Join in as Dubai witnesses one of the biggest ASIAN sporting events of the region. Giving YOU the opportunity to be known to and reach one of the largest COMMUNITIES in the region. After the super hit Indian Premier League and in consideration of the 4.5 million Asian populations in the UAE – the highest number among all expats, we under the guidance and approval of the Cricket Council have decided to launch the Kerala Premiere League Dubai (KPL DUBAI), in the T20 format tournament. This would consist of 16 teams vying to win the coveted winner’s cup to be known as the KPL DUBAI T20 Cricket Tournament Cup 2012.
A team of successful businessmen with passion for sports supported by experienced professional advisors formed the KPL DUBAI with the objective of:-

  • Bringing order and professionalism to un-organized sports event management
  • Creating an elite new Cricket Sporting event
  • To encourage cricket within the local population and promote cross-cultural integration
The power to Connect with Cricket
  • It's YOUR best chance to connect with the largest COMMUNITY of Dubai
  • Reach YOUR target by tapping into their passion for sports
  • Bringing YOU the game that brings people together
  • YOU can get the maximum REACH with the biggest COMMUNITY through the BEST medium

With 31 matches from 20th January 2012 to 24th February, 2012 at the ICC Grounds, avail of this powerful opportunity to connect along with glamour, excitement, fun & action.

The first of its kind T20 Cricket in UAE – Asian Cricketing with Middle Eastern seasoning!

A total of 16 Glorious Teams consisting of 14 District Teams & 2 Zonal Teams from Kerala. Each team consists of a minimum of 3 players preferable from the respective districts of Kerala in a playing XI and the remaining from local talent with one player under the age of 22 and maximum of 2 overseas players.


Under the auspices of dubai cricket council

  • Approved Umpires & Technical Committee
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